How to approach future experiences with an action plan and goals

Soumya Adusumilli
February 9, 2021

When the fog settles, it is hard to choose which direction to go towards. Figuring out the bigger picture is difficult when all one can see is a blur.

Most of the time we get distracted by the momentary fog and fail to look past it.

As entrepreneurs we ask many questions that cannot be fully answered. Is my idea truly unique? Are my sacrifices and risks worth it? Can I make this business work?

Here are some tips for finding your sunshine in order to make your path clear and visible.

Conquer Fear


Embracing fear is a difficult task for everyone, including entrepreneurs. Accepting failure is never easy, but it allows us to learn lessons and be better prepared for the future.

Fear is a psychological emotion that exists to warn us. It allows us to tread carefully and think of all the risks associated with our goals.

According to Professor Robert Rubin (St. LouisUniversity), SMART goals can help individuals face their fears and move forward confidently.

-      Specific (simple, sensible, significant)

-      Measurable (meaningful, motivating)

-      Achievable (agreed, attainable)

-      Relevant (reasonable, realistic, resourced)

-      Time bound (time-based, time limited, time sensitive)

Instead of feeding fear, create an action plan to dissolve it. Don’t let the fog corner you, instead march through it and fulfill your goals.

Act On It

The worst thing to do is to do nothing. When you take action and do something despite the uncertainty, it allows you to grow and learn for the future. After taking that extra step, you have more experience to get past your fears and make your goals a reality.

When you are in doubt ask yourself these questions…

-      What am I actually scared of?

-      Am I afraid of the process or the outcome?

-      Do I feel confident in my abilities?

Asking tough questions and being honest with yourself is the best way to grow. Being vulnerable and open about your skills will allow you to gain the proper insight to overcome your obstacles.

Don’t be the one standing in the fog, rather be the illuminating sun that shines through it.

Company Spotlight

During Cal Poly Entrepreneurs’ first meeting of the quarter, Aaron Blumenthal talked about his experience being a venture capitalist and provided us advice on how to enter the professional world.

Blumenthal is the Director of Global PortfolioServices and the leader of the San Francisco Accelerator. By co-founding four different companies and raising $20 million he developed a good perspective on what it takes to work with startups.

According to Blumenthal, an individual “needs advice from smarter people,” and by reaching out, one gains skills and perspectives that are key to becoming a venture capitalist.


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