How to find your passion and create opportunities for yourself

Soumya Adusumilli
February 2, 2021

What are you passionate about?

On the surface it seems to be a relatively simple question but it’s not.

You’ve heard top entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and celebrities talk about how they felt so excited and passionate about something from a young age that they wanted to pursue it professionally.For others, however, finding a clear passion can be difficult and may take time.

But since we’d all love to have a passion, how do we find it? Here are some tips on how to approach your journey of finding your passion.


Unexpected Inspiration

When you are uncertain, it seems like things are not in your control. But you must realize that any obstacle that comes your way is an opportunity to discover yourself. You can face a challenge and learn, grow, and overcome.

To embrace uncertainty, try this exercise:

-      I am uncertain about ___, and it is affecting me because___

-      The fear that is hiding behind this uncertainty is___

-      For me to overcome this fear, I need to challenge myself to___

By embracing challenges, you are creating more opportunities for yourself to grow and find your passion. Passion arises from the unexpected, so take your time to experience challenges and learn something new about yourself.


Love What You Do

Successful individuals realize that they have the power to take control of their situation and be responsible for their experiences.

From now on, do what you love.

-      Involve yourself in activities where you are engaged and feel that you can positively impact others.

-      Seek opportunities in which you find your work rewarding and feel continuously inspired.

-      Commit yourself to something in which you feel enthusiastic, passionate, and alive

As an entrepreneur, you have the ultimate power to make the most out of opportunities. Whether it be solving a rubix cube, playing badminton, or just reading a book, make it a rewarding experience.


Less Words, More Action

When you find something you think you may be passionate about, explore it! To further involve yourself in an activity you love you can…

-      Write about it! Start a blog to document your growth

-      Make videos to encourage and teach others about the activity

-      Take classes to develop yourself and explore more!

Spending time on something that you love and genuinely enjoy will never be on your list of regrets. Taking action on your passion can lead to success, fulfillment, and fruitful results!


Company Spotlight

During Cal Poly Entrepreneurs’ guest speaker event, Haley Pavone talked about her passion for entrepreneurship and the start of her company. Pavone is the founder and CEO of Pashion Footwear, whose convertible heels transform into flats with a pull of the detachable heel.

 Pavone attended a formal event and had worn six-inch heels. Dancing with the high-heels was a challenge so she had abandoned them, just like many of the other girls had been doing. But, her toe ended up being impaled by a friend’s stiletto!

 Though this was a painful experience, it proved to be the catalyst needed to launch her vision and company. Pavone became obsessed with the idea of a convertible heel and believed there was no feasible alternative that was both efficient and comfortable.

 Now in 2020, Pashion Footwear’s monthly revenue has grown roughly 346% since the beginning of the year and has accomplished the goal for women to have multifunctional shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable.

 Pashion is truly an example of the good that can come out of an unexpected opportunity!

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