Fall 2020: Message from the Author

Soumya Adusumilli
February 2, 2021

Hey everyone! Welcome to the second year of The Intrepid blog! I’m so excited to be writing for the blog this year and am eager to share new content with all of you.

The overall theme of this year’s blog will be Growth, with each quarter having a subset of this theme. Our Fall Quarter theme is Seeds, which signifies a new beginning full of potential and hope.

Each quarterly theme represents the actual growth cycle of a tree, but more importantly, reflects the growth of CPE members. I hope to illustrate the progress of our members’ efforts as developing entrepreneurs throughout the school year and demonstrate why CPE is so amazing!

As we progress throughout the school year, be on the lookout for content that ties CPE activities and events to concepts that emphasize entrepreneurship in the larger world. There will be company spotlights, important lessons, personal advice, and more that you definitely don’t want to miss.

I sincerely hope each and every one of you can learn something from this blog and grow to be awesome entrepreneurs! I promise to introduce new, insightful content along with surprises that you can’t afford to miss out on!

If you have any feedback or ideas on how to make the blog even better, feel free to reach out to me at calpolyentrepreneurs@gmail.com.

To a year full of growth and innovation,


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