Making Financial Literacy Fun

David Wolfenden’s app Eden is changing the game for the next generation.

Allison Wagner
May 19, 2021

“No one has innovated on the core of what finance looks like,” David Wolfenden pondered, as a teen in New Zealand. After his father was kicked in the head by a horse and could not work, David witnessed first-hand how important it is to be prepared for difficult financial times. A few years later, he used his personal experience as a catalyst to begin innovating.

At 17, he bought a one-way ticket to America from New Zealand. Two years later, David noticed that his friends and peers placed a lot of value on virtual goods in various games, and an idea sparked in his head.

CEO of Eden: David Wolfenden

Eden, David’s fintech application, is a centralized platform created for the next generation to aid in managing their wealth. Eden encompasses all elements of financial health and makes it simple and exciting, moving away from the overwhelming, and often boring, layout of typical financial platforms.

In Eden, you start out with a small sand island, and as you “buy” items in the app, your island expands. “Buying” items for your island is done by saving, investing, and donating certain amounts. With every virtual island purchase, you are building your financial literacy and making an impact on your financial portfolio in real life.

Lucky for us, Eden is launching soon! Get the app on June 1st to start building your financial literacy.

Advice from David’s Experiences

David has now started three businesses, so he has a lot of helpful advice for young people interested in the entrepreneurial journey: 

1) Keep your mindset and emotional state stable. The startup realm is fast paced and constantly changing, and it can easily be overwhelming if you let the environment take control over you.

2) Not every element of creating a business is riveting. Some days are going to feel more mundane, boring, or stressful. Rely on determination, not motivation, in order to move forward to reach your long term goals.

3) Networking is vital. Living in San Luis Obispo, we have access to many people who are willing and excited to help young people succeed. Additionally, utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, Lunch Club, and Clubhouse are incredibly helpful!  

David Wolfenden’s Recommended Media Resources:

Y Combinator Videos provide great insights into many different business and entrepreneurship related topics

500 Startups Videos provides insights similar to the Y Combinator videos

Lunch Club networking website

Clubhouse networking website

Check out Clubhouse for casual, drop-in audio conversations

Great Books to Read!

The Hard Thing about Hard Things - Ben Horowitz

Atomic Habits- by James Clear

Essentialism - Greg McKeown

7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen R Covey

How to Win Friends and Influence People - Dale Carnegie

Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Final Insights

Building a company with a mission to solve a problem felt by so many people has already been incredibly rewarding for David Wolfenden. He hopes to see an “active change in levels of our financial literacy in our generation” as a result of Eden, and is looking forward to continuing to grow the company and make a difference! 

Go to to become an early adopter and follow @edensavings on Instagram to stay updated on their upcoming launch!

Expand your island, adopt animals, and collect rare and limited edition assets all by saving, donating, and investing

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