Learn how to surpass your limits and create success

Soumya Adusumilli
June 21, 2021

Have you ever heard the phrase “sky's the limit?” There are infinite possibilities in achieving your goals and creating your vision. 

However, many people approach entrepreneurship with hesitation and predetermined limits. Sure there are risks, bad luck, and times where things just won’t go your way. That’s life. 

But, to those who look at these obstacles as hurdles you can jump over rather than stop signs, your success can be limitless. 

Success is Created, Not Acquired

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Success is a result of creativity, hard work, and resiliency. If you truly believe in your idea then you must support it through all the ups and downs of the climb. 

Here are some quick tips from top entrepreneurs on how to achieve success and stay motivated:

  1. “Schedule every item in your day as a calendar event” — Scott Oldford, founder of INFINITUS
  2. “Block out time to work on a single task” — Kong Pham, CEO of Jumpcut Studios
  3. “Choose something you both love and are good at doing”— Mark Cuban

Employ some of these tips in your daily life and be ready to see positive changes! The initial steps to the entrepreneurial journey are having effective time management and prioritization. 

Be sure to do what works for you, not others. 

Because once you reach the top of that mountain, it’s going to feel amazing! But, remember that there are goals to be achieved past the peak of that mountain. Sky’s the limit!

Company Spotlight

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In our last Cal Poly Entrepreneurs' meeting, Gary Erickson, founder of CLIF Bar came to speak to students about his entrepreneurial journey. 

Erickson envisioned a portable nutrition bar after eating too many power bars on an extremely long bike ride. In 2002 he wanted to launch the product in a socially responsible way, using organic ingredients and clean energy. 

The company is guided by five “bottom lines”: 

  1. Business
  2. Brand
  3. People
  4. Community 
  5. Planet 

Erickson says “a lot of entrepreneurs can visualize success but how you get there is a different story.” 

There is no easy path to success. You need to be resilient, determined, and ready to share your idea with the world because you want to create change. 

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