Discover how to navigate obstacles in life and embrace uncertainty

Soumya Adusumilli
February 2, 2021

As you enter a labyrinth, you engage in a twisting, winding unpredictable path to reach the center and complete your quest. Just when you think you’re close to fulfilling your goal, you deviate from the path.

The labyrinth’s complexity, beauty, and ambiguities are very similar to the journey an aspiring entrepreneur must face.  

In both we must be comfortable...

-      Navigating difficulties

-      Overcoming confusion

-      Embracing uncertainty

But how do we get started on this seemingly daunting journey?

Let’s go through some tips together on how to navigate these personal and professional obstacles in our own labyrinths, and fulfill our goals!


Be Passionately Curious

Our instinct to explore what is exciting, what brings out the best in us is the key to our success. Nowadays, people tend to quickly pick up a job, form responsibilities, and trap themselves in dailyroutines. By maintaining an open mind and a passion for learning, we can all discover new things about ourselves.

When you feel unsure about your path or you are doubtful of your goals, use your passion and curiosity as a compass. Let your intuition guide you, let your curiosity fuel your imagination.

To deepen your self-awareness and spark your curiosity, think about these questions…

-      What values are important to me?

-      What do I admire about myself?

-      What do I lack confidence in?

-      What do I want to improve about myself?

Embarking on the path towards self-discovery allows you to tap into your unique goals and aspirations in life. When you allow your curiosity and passions to guide you, you can understand more about yourself. Taking these steps to increase your awareness sets you on a path closer towards fulfilling your goals!


Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

When you feel like life is predictable, you’re trapping yourself in a box. To be able to reach the center of your labyrinth, you need to embrace ambiguity and explore opportunities beyond your safe zone.

Here are some simple ways to take that first step in pushing your limits…

-      Make a snap decision—don’t overthink things

-      Say “yes” more often

-      Put yourself in a different environment

-      Do something that you’re afraid todo

The more you expose yourself to different people and places, the easier it will be to eliminate fear and try new things.By avoiding the safe choice and taking different routes you will see different things. Take a chance and increase your view of the world!


No Doesn’t Mean Never

I know getting a no is never easy to deal with. It’s hard to think about a no positively especially when you work hard and things don’t go your way.

But, remember that a no is not the end, it isa new beginning. It’s the chance to improve yourself, find a solution, and stand up as a better, brighter person.

So celebrate those no’s! Don’t let opportunities die because you think a no is the end of the road. Find a new path and break through walls to get to where you want to be. Because there aremany routes you can take to arrive at your yes.


Company Spotlight: VSCO

In our last meeting of the fall quarter, students asked Joel Flory, CEO and Co-Founder of VSCO, questions about what it took for him personally and professionally to start his company.

Being a wedding photographer for a decade,Flory learned what it meant to understand creativity and community from different perspectives. When facing the challenge of starting his own business, he went through six startup ideas, faced many obstacles, and struggled with his own failures.

But some questions Flory asked himself when starting his entrepreneurial journey were…

-      Am I uniquely qualified to do this?

-      What is missing in the world thatI can solve?

-      What can I do to keep moving forward?

By iterating, iterating, and iterating Flory finally created VSCO, a community that celebrates creativity and all forms of self-expression. It is a community built around honesty and a sense of belonging rather than followers, comments, and number of likes.

Now in 2020, VSCO is approaching $80 million in annual revenue. The company continues to be loved by teens and young adults all around the world and is only growing to be bigger.


Press Onward

What’s the best way to face these intimidating twists and turns?

Find a community to share your troubles with!

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