Learn how to understand different mindsets and perspectives in the professional workplace

Soumya Adusumilli
February 2, 2021

On The Road

When driving, an intersection is a place to be wary. As we cross intersections, we are told to slow down, stop, and be careful. However, intersections in industry offer opportunities to accelerate, grow, and never look back.

Tech Meets Business

In the “Tech Meets Business” workshop withInformation Systems and Women Involved in Software & Hardware, Cal PolyEntrepreneurs explored the intersections between the entrepreneurial, business, and technical mindsets.  

In the Entrepreneurial Mindset we must explore…

-      Where can opportunity be found and utilized?

-      How can we take initiative and be innovative in the face of problems?

-      How do we overcome present and future challenges?

-      How do we provide meaningful and continuous value to our customers?

In today’s economy where needs are evolving rapidly, we must be creative and open-minded. Despite the numerous setbacks associated with starting a company, an entrepreneur continues to iterate, iterate, and iterate. Maintaining an optimistic attitude and navigating obstacles is a necessary combination in order to find a solution that provides true value to customers.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset and Business Mindset go hand-in-hand. Without one, the other would not exist. In the Business Mindset we must ask...

-      What are different business strategies we can implement?

-      How can we manage the project structure and ensure deliverables are delivered on time?

-      How do we listen and empathize with the user?

-      How do we build strong relationships with our customers?

Although the Entrepreneurial Mindset andBusiness Mindset seem very similar in their approaches, there is one significant difference: the regard for risk. In a Business Mindset, risk is a factor that must be managed and limited in a project. However, with an Entrepreneurial Mindset, entrepreneurs learn to embrace risk and think in terms of new possibilities. Taking risks, even if they fail, lead to valuable experience and growth opportunities. Innovation stems from risk and it is crucial to maintain a balance between stability and growth. 

And lastly, we have the Technical Mindset.Though the Technical Mindset varies greatly from the business and entrepreneurial mindsets, we must consider...

-      Where problems are most likely to develop?

-      How do we best represent data and structure our code?

-      How can we create software that is testable, maintainable, scalable, and secure?

-      How do we provide a framework that works with both engineer and customer needs?

While it is important to recognize the differences between these three mindsets, we should really take a moment to consider what ties them together.

CustomerNeeds. All three mindsets are looking for a way to deliver an efficient solution to improve an organization’s operations.

Company Spotlight

One company that is exploring the intersections of business and tech to enhance productivity is Amazon. In 2016,Amazon tested GPS technology and drones to deliver packages to their consumers within 30 minutes of a placed order. This service would reduce delivery times and eliminate their dependency on third-party delivery services (UPS, FedEx).Prime Air uses the intersections between business and technology to streamline operations and meet customer expectations more efficiently.

In today’s rapidly changing world, companies are turning towards data to enhance customer service experiences and improve business operations. Technology allows for more efficiency and fine-tuning in all aspects of business, which can lead to improvements in other sectors like healthcare, transportation, and entertainment.

Be the Bridge 

In order to step into the professional world, we wanted to provide some advice on navigating intersections.

Remember, you can explore different fields and get involved regardless of your experiences. A different perspective isn’t a wrong perspective, it’s a new perspective.

If we can learn to leverage existing intersections, we can achieve great things. However, the true power of these crossings lies in the creation of new ones. Innovation is fueled by these growing junctions and it is certain that everything will be connected in the future. We can imagine every unique intersection as a thriving community looking to provide value to all who are connected.

So, let’s step into the world knowing that our background acts as a gateway, not a blocker, to explore intersections between industries.

Be the bridge that connects these intersections.

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