Cal Poly Entrepreneurs 2020-2021 Recap!

Learn about how CPE faced the challenge of their virtual year!

Ally Wagner, Noelle Marroquin, Benjamin Arts, Soumya Adusumilli
June 2, 2021

Closing out the Virtual Year

Well, our fully virtual year of college is complete, and it was full of twists and turns, ups and downs, struggles and successes. Thankfully, Cal Poly Entrepreneurs has come out of it stronger than ever before. We were able to take advantage of the online experience by bringing in speakers from all over the country, hosting companies across the globe during our Startup Career Fair, while still managing to keep the feeling of community alive in our meetings, social hours, and events. 

What We’ve Learned 

This year threw typical structure out the window with an entirely virtual setting bringing new challenges and obstacles to overcome. In anticipation of the virtual year, the CPE board had consistent meetings during the summer prior in order to plan and work out how to combat any problems they might face. “Forward thinking is ingrained in our culture as a board now,” states newly elected CPE President Arman Avedian. 

Throughout the year, CPE was able to host their first virtual Startup Career Fair on the virtual platform InEvent. Despite not having the experience of planning a fully virtual event before, the team did an amazing job of inviting inspirational guest speakers and creating a sense of community.

The virtual setting also allowed for CPE to bring in amazing speakers from companies like VSCO, CLIF Bar, Yerba Mate, Tesla, Blaze Pizza, Hydroflask, and Acorns. The successful meetings and virtual collaboration of the board only opens new possibilities for the future structure of CPE. Advisor John York himself says that “a hybrid system for meetings is a very real and exciting possibility going forward.”

Next Year’s Going to be AWESOME!

Stay Excited for In-Person CPE Meetings!

When asked what is in store for next year, upcoming CPE President Arman Avedian couldn’t contain his excitement. “Being in a room with everyone, that room is going to have so much energy it could probably power the building,” he said, with a huge smile on his face. After speaking with many of this year’s board members, there was a clear theme. CPE is a community of driven and passionate individuals who are excited to learn from one another, overcome challenges, and make great memories.

Our CPE board is so excited to be able to get CPE back in person and provide even more opportunities to meet new people and dive into entrepreneurship. Everyone can look forward to energetic meetings, Startup Marathon, and of course pizza at the meetings in the Fall!

Look Forward to Seeing More from The Intrepid!

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This year was definitely an exciting year for The Intrepid! The team has expanded and now includes more writers, photographers, video content creators, and graphic designers (stay tuned to get to know who’s behind the content next year!) Through a new collaboration with the JOUR 462 class, The Intrepid was able to transition from a generalized article format to a multimedia profile of entrepreneurs. The team also revamped their social media channels, diversified content, and exponentially grew page views. Next year, everyone can look forward to more exciting content that emphasizes in-person activities and collaborations with other organizations on campus!

Are You Considering Joining CPE?

If you are a student considering attending CPE meetings next year, do it. To Sophie Hosbein, a graduating fourth year who has been involved in CPE since her first year, CPE is a place to “connect, inspire, and educate”. You get to network with so many amazing individuals, be inspired by fascinating founder stories, and walk away having learned something new after every CPE meeting. ”It’s an entrepreneurial ecosystem,” she says, and it thrives on the excitement and the energy of our members. 

To Our CPE Board:

A Special Thank You to Our 2020-2021 CPE Officer Board!

To all of our board members, thank you for all of your hard work this past year. Your dedication and passion for this club was evident in everything you were able to accomplish as a team. Although this was the board’s first year working virtually, all of you were able to take CPE to a new level! To those graduating, we will miss you and we are excited to see what you accomplish moving forward!

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